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It's been nine long years since Player Affinity last saw Max Payne in the gaming world. A lot of things have changed in shooters since his last appearace including cover mechanics, aiming down sights, roadie runs, and multiplayer perks. Some games in this generation of consoles have embraced the slow motion effect that was first seen in the original Max Payne, but the originator of bullet time finally returns in Max Payne 3. Rockstar themselves are at the helm making this game instead of Remedy Entertainment, who moved on to make the Alan Wake series on the Xbox 360. Their approach to Max Payne as a game and a character is a little different than what Remedy did with the first two games, but the foundations are still there such as the iconic shooting gameplay and Max himself being a total wreck at times. Rockstar Games has been amazing at making dark, and mature gaming experiences this generation... Max Payne 3 is no exception. It is arguably their darkest and most gritty game yet a...

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