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MetalArcade writes: "By now, most, if not all of you reading this have heard of Diablo 3‘s server issues. I will say up front, that I believe always-online DRM for a game that can be played through in single-player, is bad business practice and it needs to stop. It would be understandable if only the multiplayer function was affected on the first days of the game’s launch. But when people can’t play a game they just spent 60 hard-earned dollars on at all, it becomes a real problem. The first two days were basically unplayable, and the servers have seen various stages of lag ever since – try sending your friend a message and laugh when a wall of text pops up 2 minutes later. And if you don’t have an internet connection good enough to reliably play multiplayer games, Blizzard has left you out in the cold completely. It doesn’t paint a pretty picture of what the future holds for DRM and digital games. All that aside, it would have to take a pretty damned good game to overcome all of that nonsense...."

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