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"KJ reviews Starhawk and breaks down the single and multiplayer experience. Is it worth the full 60, or just a placeholder for that other space shooter?" PlayLegit

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showtimefolks2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

take it from another gamer this is one of the best online shooters available on ps3. Well TPS with RTS elements

please support this game because devs have already said they will release a lot of free DLC, and since sony hasn't done any advertisement let's show our support for a game which is actually fresh and really good

word to mouth advertisement needed for starhawk

build and destroy
online/offline/split screen co-op
32 players online

This is a old school game with all kind of features, also single player is about 8hrs and has a western style comic book look.

Even thought warhawk didn't set sales record till this day it has a really strong online community, let's have the same for starhawk. You can read my love for the game and that's without playing beta just picked it up after watching some reviews and i am so disappointed at sony for not doing any advertisement what so ever

bacrec12370d ago

Yeah man, what is sony doing?

leogets2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

Awewome game. One downside is when u reach lvl 50 top rank that takes no time at al u dont get points when u play. Stays at 0... So that means no MVP awards.where as warhawk took fucking years to reach high rank

ieatbabies2371d ago

Have they even patched this game yet?

showtimefolks2370d ago

no just played not yet


i think they gonna patch or update a lot of stuff so stay tuned

add online co-op. I mean public co-op its already there they just need to make it on public servers so you can play,create or join another game

online is pretty smooth for me so i don't know what they have to update, Hawks are so powerful maybe they need to fix that

PR_FROM_OHIO2370d ago

It's times like these when i hate SONY!!! StarHawk is 1 of the best games out right now period and yet it seems SONY could care less if this game does good or not!!! There has been zero advertising for this game!!! To me it seems SONY wants this game to flop so they can close another game studio to save money!! Losing a alot of faith in Sony!