New Spec Ops and Multiplayer DLC for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City arriving in June

Enizr: "Capcom's third-person action horror shooter Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will receive a shot in the arm next month in the form of new downloadable content; set to arrive in June, the pack will consist of three new Spec Ops missions as well as an equal number of multiplayer maps."

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Myst2370d ago

Starting to wonder how long Spec ops mission will be so far we are already on the second pack.

Whatsupdog2370d ago

Yea, I think Capcom is going to keep releasing bits of DLC in the coming months. The free prologue mission was not bad, compared to the main Wolfpack missions in the game. But the survival horror tension which I love about Resident Evil just isnt there :-(

Myst2369d ago

Well I knew and perhaps most of us knew this one wouldn't be survival horror but something for those of us who want to just shoot zombies and be in the Resident Evil Universe. In a sense it fulfills that but at the same time with all this DLC of campaigns it makes me wonder how much was cut. Not to mention no horde mode still :<

TheDivine2370d ago

Havent tried this yet but il grab it when it hits 20. It looks fun as long as you know its not "Resident Evil" its a spin off. I like playing solo though, i hope its fun by yourself or at least has splitscreen so i can make my bro play with me (he loves RE after i got him Revelations for his b-day). Either way its a must for a RE fan like me, just not for full or even half price as its not classic RE and was made by slant six.

This is def the year for RE fans with Revelations, ORC, and RE6. Im replaying Revelations right now impatiently waiting for RE6. That game is perfection i really hope we get a sequel announced at E3 or better yet the gamecube remake on 3ds. Id shit myself if they announced that lol.


from experience is better to play with people online because the AI can be tedious but over all not a RE5 sheva

Myst2369d ago

Sadly no split screen, but online play yes and it's rather fun playing with some friends on the hardest difficulty.