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"Do Achievements or Trophies in games serve any purpose other than to show off in front of one’s friends?

The introduction of Achievements and Trophies in games have come about during the current generation of consoles.

They give the player an indication on how much progression they have made through a certain game, and also allows friends to compare how each other are doing in relation to a particular game.

However, do they serve any other purpose?"

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Proeliator2369d ago

Interesting... I'm about to break 60k myself.

BadCircuit2369d ago

So do you look at a gamerscore list and say: I want to get all the achievements or do you just get them over time naturally through play?

gaminoz2369d ago

I know some people who buy or play certain games JUST to get easy gamerscore points.

Kurt Russell2369d ago

I'm just under 60k myself too. I am not a 100% completionist, I just consider myself really thorough with the games I play. So it's natural for the most part, but if I am close to a full completion... I will nerd out for those last couple of G's and trophies to do it.

It's not always about the score though, I will be the same with online play trying to obtain a top rank regardless of whether an achievement is attached... I just can't help it, I am a nerd :(

BadCircuit2369d ago

I love getting achievements more than trophies (that unlocked sound and seeing a point score just makes me smile).

But less and less I am trying to get them because they are so random. I'm happy if I get them, but I'm not looking them up and trying to fulfil the tasks.

gaminoz2369d ago

I don't think it really represents how you are as a gamer: more like how much time and money you have to get and play games!

But I do like the unlocked and trophy sounds too :p

Belgavion2369d ago

I still sacrifice precious gaming time to play shit games for points; it's a sickness I cannot shake.

Belgavion2369d ago

Also, I think the drive for achievements has withered somewhat for many gamers who were nuts about gamerscore half a decade ago. The closure of leaderboards and the simple novelty of 1k-ing games has worn off. Plus, a lot of people have grown up and realised it's a futile pursuit.

DeusExer2369d ago

I totally agree. To hear people say they play games only for achievements is pretty absurd. I don't think I'm as bad as others, as I've never stooped so low as to play AVATAR: The Last Airbender for an easy 1000 points.

They don't count towards anything, other than a testament of how many different games you've played. It's a good way to encourage people to play through a game once initially completing it.

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The story is too old to be commented.