Max Payne 3 Co-Op Coming This Summer: A Year Of Max Payne 3 DLC Named And Dated

G4TV - Max Payne 3 is getting a slew of DLC packs this year revealed Take-Two Interactive during th annual fiscal conference call.The company revealed that seven DLC releases are coming over the next year, including a co-op pack coming this summer, a ton of new maps and new multiplayer mode. Take-Two also mentioned that three million copies of the game have shipped, barely a week from its release.

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chaldo2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

It should have came with the game. Oh well. At least they dont have story DLC's

jc485732368d ago

Man, I really wanted to get this game, but seeing how me and my brothers are big on co op we decided to wait for the complete edition. I am not going to complain about Rockstar's plans and I know I will be missing out on many things, but it's alright.

CommonSense2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

it is a really fantastic game. i would argue it's the best linear, single player, third person shooter i've played.

3 million is a nice number, but it deserves better.

co-op mode? yes please!

nik666uk2367d ago

How when it's not even been made yet?

Hufandpuf2368d ago

3 million shipped? Nice!

DaThreats2368d ago

You plan 7?
Even before the game comes out?
Gus they had to plan this before the game released

xPhearR3dx2368d ago

There's nothing wrong with planning. It's not like Max Payne 3 lacks content like many Capcom games that release DLC nearly a week or two after release.

acemonkey2368d ago

its dlc yes they thought of it before it release lol...its all apart of the DLC...looks like u can save money with the rockstar pass tho

ChronoJoe2368d ago

It's an alright game, but the clunky controls for movement whilst aiming make it pretty mediocre as a third person shooter, gameplay wise.

Shadonic2368d ago

not really just change the sensitivity and take note of the quick 180 turn button its actually as good as most first person games like COD.

ChronoJoe2368d ago

The aiming for me is fine it's Max's feet that are awkward.

He's slow and cumbersome whilst aiming, but not whilst running. He also gets caught on objects very easily making it worse.

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