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Unless you’re a diehard fan, avoid this Dragon’s Lair.

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Krimmson2248d ago

Isn't there like a one second lag on the Kinect? Why the hell would you release a game that's all Quick Time Events for the Kinect?

FordGTGuy2248d ago

Who the hell told you that?

You can fairly hate on Kinect a lot but saying it has a one second lag is just looney. It has around a .1 to .2 second lag that you can compensate for in your movements. The more smooth the gameplay the less you notice it like while playing a game of beach volley ball.

Lucretia2248d ago

kinect sucks, dont defend it. there is only 5% depth to any kinect game. there for it fails. in 50 years the tech will be ready and even then will need to be used with a motion controller

SilentNegotiator2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

"0.1 second lag"? Is that a joke?

What magical parallel universe have YOU been playing Kinect in?

FordGTGuy2247d ago

Unlike you two trolls, I've actually used Kinect extensively so why don't you go suck each other off because it's a better use of your time.

SilentNegotiator2248d ago

Here's a two SENTENCE review that says it all:

It's a string of dozens of QTEs to get the knight to the sexy, busty princess, avoiding traps and slaying opponents. The cartoons are interesting, but the gameplay is not very fun.


Pozzle2247d ago

To be fair, there isn't much one can write about a 20-30 minute game where the main gameplay element involves watching cutscenes then pressing a button when prompted.

KingOfArcadia2248d ago

Sadly, the main problem with this game is the overall length - the total running time of the animation is about 20 minutes, meaning if you know what to do, you'll be done it in the time it takes to watch a rerun of The Simpsons.

Killman2248d ago

This should be a dollar at MOST. About twenty minutes of content for $10? That could be spent of way better games, easily.