Review: 'Max Payne 3' – Now I Need Pain Pills (RealSG)

Anthony Accinelli writes, "Then there was Max Payne 2, which was somehow equally as great (if not better) than it's predecessor. Despite having massive shoes to fill, it produced on every level. Continuing the story of Max Payne with perfection, the idea of a third game was enough to make even Ben Stein excited.

Which is why I can't seem to understand just how Rockstar managed to screw it up so badly."

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ieatbabies2368d ago

What a "Payneful" review to read

MeatAbstract2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )


This guy really threw his toys out the pram for this review, didn't he?

Yet to play Max Payne 3 but every gamer, not just self proclaimed journlist, has said how much they loved this game, that the action is addictve and fun and the story is well told.

"Either way you look at it, every level is essentially the same thing: a ridiculous amount of enemies stuffed into a confined area with no strategic way to escape."

I recently played the Max Payne games on Steam to get ready for when I get the 3rd one. Wasn't this the basic idea of the MP games? Room full of enemies, jump in slow motion and take them all out before they kill you?

You've just come across as someone that cannot stand change in my opinion. You really liked Max Payne and now another developer has made the third one and regardless of how it was gonna be, you were determined to not like it.

kingdavid2368d ago

I loved the game but in a way its right.

It isnt really as "creative" as other rockstar games. Rockstar's other games throw these cool little gimmicks into their levels to change up the gameplay.

Whilst max payne 3 does have a few of these, toward the end it started getting a little... generic.

The last 3 levels were essentially "we are going to throw more and more and more enemies at you to create a challenge" to the point where it just became overblown and how shall i say, "cod-esque".

Sure they mightve done this in MP2 but that game was 10 years ago. I wouldve liked to have seen a little more variety but all in all a solid 8/10.