Take-Two CEO says product delays signal an “unwavering commitment to quality”

Take-Two Interactive didn’t hit its financial targets for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2012. But Strauss Zelnick, chief executive of the New York video game publisher, said that was because the company delayed several games so that it could make sure they were done right. This “unwavering commitment to quality” is a right approach to maximizing shareholder value, Zelnick said.

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BlindGuardian2401d ago

or simply bad planning and poor resources allocation

raytraceme2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Bad Planning & Poor Resource Allocation??? They barely come out with 1-2 aaa games a year. (Sports games don't count) Take two is one of my fav. publishers because they don't release glitchy and buggy games.

rdgneoz32401d ago

Yep, other companies many release on time, but how many do you see with day one patches, and still having bugs and glitches. I'd rather a game get delayed a bit so that when I do get my hands on it, I can actually sit down and play it instead of trying to figure out how to fix things / restarting the system over and over.

iNFAMOUZ12401d ago

take two employees disagreed with you 0.0

GamingPerson2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Since they are making max payne pc with dx11 I expect good performance.

ExPresident2401d ago

I think as of late its been more like these publishers trying to release a game on said day and they release a 'beta' which is a glorified demo which results in gamer backlash because they shorted us on features or its buggy as hell and they have to delay because they can't get away with it in its current state.

The day 1 patches only add to the idea that its quantity over quality and the goal is to just push it out. I'd rather they take longer, get it right, and release it then have a new iteration every year but thats me.

Diablo III is obviously the devils advocate here as far as time goes because it took forever and they still shafted gamers.

mananimal2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

I disagree, It happens every year, with every GEN, I see it as a way for Publishers & the INDUSTRY in general, to milk the games with more "MARKETING", & to make the game appear more fresh & new by releasing the beginning of the Next Year, & then wise being apart of the Next Years "new wave" of games coming out. They pull this trick all the time, liars, & sure, it gives them more time to polish, but Honestly, its more about the PERCEPTION of it being considered "best of the year games category " for the next year, to release a POTENTIAL "AAA" game at the end of the quarter, doesnt get it recognized with the games coming out the following year, it becomes a "has been" in a sense when the New Year starts, its all about the PERCEPTION, think about it . They always like to make the gamer feel as if it about them, for them, but truthfully its not, its about the $$$$, the prestige & appeareance of being considered apart of the new wave of games that year upon its release.

NeoTribe2400d ago

zZzZ..... quit actin like u know shit.