Most of Infinity Ward's top-paid staff jumped ship to Respawn Entertainment

"As the case between Activision and ex-Inifinity Ward leads Jason West and Vince Zampella continues to move forward, new documents have been made public revealing that nearly all of Infinity Ward's top paid staff in 2009 have since left for West and Zampella's current studio, Respawn Entertainment.", writes Gamasutra.

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Hufandpuf2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

At least they have the time and funding to create their own original IP. Activision was like a prison guard to them.

jjdoyle2401d ago

Yeah, and now apparently a boat load of cash heading theirs way. Must be nice.

aviator1892401d ago

If West and Zampella win this case, will they be getting the Modern Warfare license back?

Hufandpuf2401d ago

I hope they get credit where credit's due, but I am NOT in a hurry for another COD game. That franchise is milked dry.

Ken222401d ago

I hope they do and then that way they can create a true sequel to MW1.

AAACE52401d ago

Could happen, which is why Activision are trying to make the "Black Ops" name more popular.

Another telling sign is that Black ops 2 pushed forward into the future in a way of saying they are done with Modern Warfare and this will be their main game from Cod.

torchic2401d ago


you make a lot of sense. I don't think Treyarch was planning on naming the game "Black Ops II" as it's such a departure from the original BO. it must've been pushed by Activision surely.

it would be interesting to see what West and Zampella do with Modern Warfare.

MidnytRain2400d ago

I don't get it. How will Respawn separate themselves from CoD while still using the old subtitle?

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GraveLord2400d ago

No, they were a corporation, protecting their IP.
West and Zampella wanted creative control over the Modern Warfare games. Who wouldn't, right? But these things should have been discussed before they signed that contract.

Sounds to me like West and Zampella were getting a little greedy. Or maybe they're douches who don't like getting told what to do. I say the latter since they've changed studios like 3(?) times now?

SKUD2401d ago

Actvision needs to dissolve the IW name. All the credit now goes to treyarch. As if they created the series. LOOOOOOL.

younglj012401d ago

Wow Activision that is 100% fucked up.Lol 21 top IW staff members joined Respawn Enertainment I see why CoD doesn't have an new engine yet.Because the best developers have left dang Activision have not only screwing over employees but also fans.

Hopefully Respawn show something at this year E3.It have been 2 years and I think they have some type of game too show.

GamingPerson2401d ago

yet some people love cod so much that they still think mw3 is the greatest thing. I can't wait to so what the real devs have cooking. lol I can't imagine the trash talk EA will be doing.

Farsendor12400d ago

and im hoping it will be completely different then cod

XboxInnovation2401d ago

It's no surprise because if you go to respawns website it shows all employee profiles and 90 percent are from cod4 and up, the rest are from god of war and socom so we ps3 players know we"ll be getting a top notch port:)

Laxman2401d ago

I just hope Respawns game doesnt feel or play like another CoD, which I think it might if most of the higher staff jumped ship. Still, I look forward to seeing what they come up with. Sci-Fi shooters are pretty scarce these days, so its always good to see someone doing one.

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