The Future Of Square Enix

There one was a time when you couldn’t go a couple months without seeing a Square RPG. Now they are more famous for titles like Hitman and Tomb Raider. What happened?

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versusALL2369d ago

I'm getting tired of these articles.

Godmars2902369d ago

Its past time we all admit that they never recovered from the Spirits Within. The massive investment Sakaguchi put into their movie studio then banking on that movie to be an international sensation rather than the okay thing it was shows how badly their judgement was. And it hasn't gotten better.

CLOUD19832369d ago

That's bullsh1t dont accuse Sagakuchi because the incompetent scrubs who stay behind when Sagakuchi left cant make 1 quality game for the past 10 years now.

The creator of Xenogears one of my all time favorite games & TOP 3 JRPG ever imo Tetsuya Takahashi left also from Square & he create with his own studio the best JRPG of this generation, Xenoblade Chronicles, and that shows that u dont need a big studio and a crazy budget to make quality games.

SE have it all but their games suck beyond measure, and that prove to me that w/o Sagakuchi they r all of them worthless & incompetent, they try again & again they spent millions about millions & years of developing and we all know the result, w/o Sagakuchi they r like lost children in the forest not knowing what path to take.

GraveLord2369d ago

"Now they are more famous for titles like Hitman and Tomb Raider. What happened?"

No.....they're not.

Kratoscar20082369d ago

FFXIII is a serial killer, it managed to kill a WHOLE legacy without much effort, and XIII-2 is a copycat that contributed too.

All fans put their hope in Versus, how delusional. SE is dead and there is NO FUTURE for them.

Godmars2902369d ago

FF died with XI, where they forgot the meaning behind the word "final", and XII, who''s theme suggested airships and air pirates yet had you walking everywhere. Scaled "the world" down to a few kingdoms.

If they want to get "it" back they need to live up to projected expectations.

Disccordia2369d ago

I'd go one further and say FFX was the turning point. It was essentially you walking everywhere via long corridors and there wasn't a world map to explore.

But for some reason, people look back on it fondly despite it having many of the flaws that are also present in XIII.

Kratoscar20082368d ago

Ay least i Enjoyed XII because of the battle system and exploration wich FFXIII doesnt do well in any.

to Disccordia, at least the battle system and story were super, XIII is just graphics with a shitty battle system.

Myst-Vearn2369d ago

What happened to Square

oh wait I know..

Magnus2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

They merged with Enix and went down hill from there. The Squaresoft days are gone now its the SquareEnix days which i barely pay attention to anymore.

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