“Shadows of the Damned” Director working on movie-length Game

Xbigy Games' Kamran Draeger writes:

"Today Massimo Guarini, most known for his work on Shadows of the Damned, has announced his first project he's working on with his new independent studio Ovosonico."

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kamruk1974d ago

I hope games like this will give small developers a chance to shine. Thatgamecompany is really being innovative on that level in my opinion.

Beatboxtaun1974d ago

I completely agree. I adore Thatgamecompany's games.

egidem1974d ago

I'll second that!

Thatgamecompany makes very unique games. I love that about them and completely enjoyed every single game they've made. All of the games have interesting play mechanics and art styles.

PixL1974d ago

Don't forget Santa Monica too.

DarkBlood1974d ago

that was fun game shadows of the damned was to me

Alos881974d ago

Journey proved that sometimes less is more when it comes to game length.