Toys R Us USA Giving 25% Off Of Select Pre-Orders Including Risen 2 and Heroes of Ruin

Toys R Us had previously discounted the pre-order of Game of Thrones by 25% and are currently discounting Lollipop Chainsaw and NCAA Football 13, but they have now updated the list to include some more upcoming games.

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TrendyGamers2072d ago

$10 off of Heroes of Ruin is pretty good.

GuruStarr782072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

yes, it is... but after taxes and shipping, you'll be paying pretty much the same price you would from amazon... except toys r us does not have release date delivery... i believe..

I was going to be all over it at $30, but after i figure in taxes and the possible shipping cost, I'll probably just stick with my amazon preorder..


So, I checked it out and tax was only 1.86 and they do have free shipping... so it is a good deal, if you can wait several days after it launches to get it.... expedited shipping came to over $12, whereas amazon is .99 for release date delivery... I guess it all boils down to whether you can wait to get it.. some people want games on release date... maybe if this is available in - store, as well?


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