Microsoft wants,, more; files dispute

Who knows what the future holds for the Xbox, but a recent complaint (Case Number: 1445083) filed with the National Arbitration Forum (NAF), may hint at things to come down the road. The domain dispute appeared on NAF’s website today and includes,,,, and All of the names are owned by a resident of China who goes by the name “cheng juan”. Microsoft released an Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone users in late 2011. It's also been rumored Xbox Live would be coming to other platforms.

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glennco2396d ago

tablet maybe but forget about the phone. i think MS really screwed up their whole future by ignoring these 2 devices for too long. they dropped the ball bigtime.

PixL2396d ago

They already have phones and tablets. Windows 8 is the system for them. They'll just throw in the Xbox brand to that.

Dovahkiin2396d ago

Probably to prevent fake products being advertised in the future.

AtomicGerbil2396d ago

Microsoft caught napping and not registering domain names in good time. So they unleash the lawyers.......Another fine example of a corporate tantrum.

EffectO2396d ago

next xbox to have tablet confirmed