Dragon’s Dogma Guide – Pawns (Followers) Explained

Dragon’s Dogma is a hard game, thus venturing alone in the vast world of Gransys will be troublesome. Instead of having a player join your party and co-op the quests within the game, Capcom instead implemented a new system where you can recruit followers, also known as Pawns.

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kostchtchie_2398d ago

this whole idea is great, cannot wait to receive my copy this Friday :)

although post does not say if you can use your pawn while someone else has it? probably not but does that mean you need train up multiple pawns? either way cannot wait try

MysticStrummer2398d ago

You can only make one pawn, but you can use it at the same time someone else is. The pawn's info gets updated everytime you sleep at an inn, so when you wake up you may get a message saying your pawn has returned from helping someone else. Sometimes it will say multiple people used your pawn while you were sleeping. My pawn has made me a lot of rift crystals by helping other people, so I can hire two higher level pawns to fill the other spaces. I started out as a Strider but switched to a Magic Archer. My pawn is a nearly maxed out Mage. The other spots have been filled so far by either two Fighters or by one Fighter and one Warrior. I'm loving this game.