Footage from the cancelled Stargate SG-1 game surfaces

Quoting Past to Present Online : "This level has an early cutscene featuring the late Don S. Davis. The game unfortuntely freezes a lot, and is extremely difficult since the checkpoints aren't implemented correctly, so that has been hampering the recording process."

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iamnsuperman2370d ago

I miss it also. It is a shame it ended

Lucreto2369d ago

At least MGM said that they are going to announce something Stargate at Comic con.

jamesensor2370d ago

Me too. I was remembering the episode with Teal'c trapped in the virtual game on sgc, so awesome. This was probably in pre-alpha or something, scripting wasn't even well implemented. If they could do it as in the episode I mentioned it would be great.

iamnsuperman2370d ago

Yer I really liked SGU. It was a different direction but it worked very well.

stragomccloud2370d ago

I still haven't seen the end. I feel like if I actually watch it, then Stargate will in my mind be over forever. There doesn't seem to be anything new on the horizon.

MagicAccent2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

Now, do a Firefly game instead.

stragomccloud2370d ago

I'm proud to say I actually played the pre-alpha build of this game at E3 back in 2004 or 2005. I really can't remember which year it was. But I was really looking forward to the game. The cutscenes showed off what seemed like would have been an amazing story. I was also really looking forward to playing the game co op with my friends! Truly truly sad.

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