Are the latest UK sales figures of the 3DS impressive or a disappointment?

The Nintendo 3DS is approaching the '1 million systems sold' mark in the UK - which may sound an impressive figure, but is it really all that promising? Get all the info here.

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123_3212369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

There are a lot of DS and PSP owners who wont upgrade to the 3DS and Vita until those handhelds (DS/PSP) are phased out.
Also, i think a lot of people who own the older handhelds (casuals especially) wont get the newer handhelds at all.
Nintendo will eventually need to shut down the DS to focus on the 3DS.
Sony should provide that UMD passport program to the west and do it properly, where you pay about €5 to download your game again on your Vita. Or at least make a UMD player add-on accessory for the Vita.

n4f2368d ago

not only that but the fact that the 3ds was realease without any major system saler and was nearly a year without proper game