Take Two financials suggest 'Grand Theft Auto V' shipping by March 2013

XMNR: Take Two Interactive hosted an investor's call on Tuesday after revealing its financial results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012. It also showed some aggressive projections for its 2013 fiscal year that would seem to indicate a Grand Theft Auto V release will come within that time frame.

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NYC_Gamer2369d ago

I bet the other publishers are happy that T2 won't launch GTA5 this year

Queasy2369d ago

Depends. The fiscal year ends in March 2013 so it could just as easily be released in October as some rumors suggest.

A holiday release months before the fiscal year ends would help T2 meet its financial projections.

Shaman2369d ago

It doesn't mean its not going to be released this year. It means that it will be released in T2 2013 fiscal year that goes from 31st March this year to 31st March next year. It could be October, or holiday season or next year March, but definitely in next 8 months.

DeadIIIRed2369d ago

Since when does 8 months make a year?

laid2rest2368d ago

I think you meant the next 10 months.

WeskerChildReborned2369d ago

Yea probably cause GTA 5 would be selling pretty good.

Chrono2369d ago

We hear something different everyday now.

Tornadobounce2369d ago

This year, next year, whatever. I'm more than happy to play max Payne 3 until then.

GraveLord2369d ago

Please don't launch in March. That's when God of War Ascension comes out :/

ieatbabies2369d ago

What article number is this of supposed release date? #100?

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