Six things Torchlight II does better than Diablo III


When I received an invite to the Torchlight II beta, I let out a noise that can only be described as a "yelp." It was a happy noise, one that I wasn't quite sure I was capable of making. "This will be a great time killer until Diablo III comes out," I thought. Well, now that Diablo III is out, I still find myself booting up the Torchlight II client quite often.

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NYC_Gamer2397d ago

TL2 seems like the better value price and features wise

Dylken2397d ago

I've had extensive beta access to Diablo 3 (prior to launch), path of exile, and torchlight 2. Having been a die hard Diablo 2 fan, it's my opinion that Torchlight 2 best fills the void that quitting diablo 2 left.

finite2397d ago

Agree with everything in this post

kostchtchie_2397d ago

have been playing the tl2 beta also, loving it

the game is playing so smooth, the drop in drop out feature and lobbies is great, had my HC character died the other day lvl 18, 3 levels of the max for the beta, love how fun the bosses are

Lobbies...................... ......check
Online/offline/LAN........... ......check
cool character customization.......check
HC characters from start...........check
cool fun bosses....................chec k
random generated maps..............check
random generated quest scenarios...check

this game really is pulling out all the stops this time around from what i have played in the beta, and that was only first town..cannot wait for this to be released, will play path of exile while waiting for it

kevnb2397d ago

id like to try it, torchlight was pretty good. Id like to see what they can do with a bigger budget.

kostchtchie_2397d ago

all i did was sign up to the forums for chance at the beta, sure they said it was extended till Thursday, could be worth try

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