'XCOM' shooter delayed to later in 2013

XMNR: XCOM: Enemy Unknown locked down an October release date but the first-person shooter reboot, XCOM, was delayed by 2K Games for a second time on Tuesday.

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Godmars2902274d ago

Thought it was canceled?

Queasy2274d ago

Nope. Just in development bell.

fermcr2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

The title scared me... i though it was XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Thank God it's the Xcom FPS.

BTW this Xcom FPS still looks interesting. I'll wait and see what comes out of this. To be released in late 2013, it might be a next gen title.

BlackTar1872274d ago

Cancelled i hope not.
Looks fun

FinaLXiii2274d ago

I wonder if it will be worth the wait.

Farsendor12274d ago

bummer hopefully this turns out to be a good one. no cod clone

MidnytRain2273d ago

This doesn't look remotely like CoD.

Farsendor12273d ago

yeah i know,i said no cod clone which i was happy for. im so tired of all the cod clones.