The Fun of Minecraft

Minecraft is a truly puzzling game. The graphics are reminiscent of the early days of gaming and the game controls are simple and basic. The game play itself seems staggeringly simple when you first begin. And yet, this game will kick you in the ass. The Publisher of GoozerNation is currently playing Minecraft on the Xbox 360 through the Marketplace. This is his experience with the game.

(Even if you don't read this entire article, at least scroll to the bottom to see the screen capture found online. It should inspire you.)

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kube002370d ago

I really should play this

Emilio_Estevez2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

OMG, if you think that castle is good, you should see the online servers from is the one I play on -
Player Towns/Houses/General World
Even that is not even close to as impressive as some of the other worlds I've seen and been too.

JimmyJames702370d ago

DrStab, that's real cool that you report my article as the wrong story type - should be opinion instead of article - and then you have the nerve to post a comment? WTH?

Besides, this "article" that I wrote is not my "opinion" of the game but my experiences of the game that I wrote up as an article. If this was opinion, I'd write, "this game is awesome and that's my opinion." Instead, I wrote about my experiences, and that constitutes it as an article.

Killman2369d ago

The Xbox 360 has me hooked. Great fun, and free updates to look forward to!