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GamingUnion: "With E3 right around the corner, the KHU gang comes together to get in their thoughts on the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Branden is joined by Churro, Jackie, and Lauren and they don't hesitate to jump right into the news. This time around, the news includes the preorder bonuses for KH3D, a KH3D demo coming to North America, and some comments from Nomura about the future of the franchise."

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colonel1792398d ago

That will never happen, and if it did, prepare to wait for 6 or more years for it to be released. They need to finish FFv13 first, which it probably take one to two more years. Even if they have started pre-production stuff from KH3 (art, design, etc) it will take a long time. Also, the new console generation is coming so it means they will probably build a new engine which will then take more time.

Conclusion: Don't get you hopes up for Kingdom Hearts 3. It will take a very long time to be out (if at all)

coolgame2397d ago

Now you're just making me sad. lol

Hardedge2398d ago

I reckon Nomura might mention something.

Dark112398d ago

We don't know anything about FFvsXIII and people talk about KH3?

You guys have to wait for 2020 for KH3.

Lucretia2398d ago

exactly. it proves people are uneducated.

they dont know KH3 can't happen till versus is done, which versus wont be done till atleast late 2013

coolgame2397d ago

Well one can only hope it's worth the wait.

dubt722398d ago

Wasn't there recent news about them stating it was time for KH to return to consoles.

fozzness2398d ago

It's talked about in the podcast, actually :D

aDDicteD2398d ago

hoping for a KH3 announcement

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