5 things we loved and 5 things we hated: Max Payne 3

GameZone's Anthony Francis breaks down what he loves, and what he hate about Max Payne's latest outing.

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"The feel of Max is lost in this setting." thats kinda the point.. most of the negative seems to me as the writer kinda missed the point, this isnt the usual Max Payne, its the lowest of the low Max Payne, and i loved this part of the character. not disagreeing with the writer just saying.

JellyJelly2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

I sometimes feel that a lot of gamers and gaming journalists tend to romanticize old games too much in a kind of sentimental way.

In many cases I believe it could be that the memories tied to the old games are better than the games themselves. Imo Max Payne 1 & 2 were great back then, Max Payne 3 is great right now.

There's also many purists that are quick to bash something as long as it's not a carbon copy of its predecessors (like Max Payne 3 was bashed for partly taking place in Brazil). And then if the game is very much like its predecessors they say it's "too much of the same".

To answer some of the "hate" points in the article.

1. Did you miss all the New York levels? The bar, the cemetery etc. Did you play the game?

2. Nitpicking much? Come on.

3. Bad storyline? Really? It has one of the smartest and most immersive storylines of any games the last couple of years. There are lots of really cool plot twists and the pacing is extremely well done. Having Max still working as a normal cop wouldn't make sense.

4. Again, did you really play the game? There are lots of tv shows, commercials, clues and other stuff to interact with as well (the piano is a nice touch).

5. You compare it to Dark Souls. It's a whole other type of difficulty. And if you think it's too hard don't play it on insane. And don't blame the devs for making the game really hard on a difficulty level named 'insane'...

soundslike2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

"3. Bad storyline? Really? It has one of the smartest and most immersive storylines of any games the last couple of years. There are lots of really cool plot twists and the pacing is extremely well done."

I think people are confusing the single player "experience" with the actual plot. As a single player experience, yes its one of the best in years.

But to say the plot is the best in years, thats a testament to how low gamers standards have fallen for narrative. After the new-car-scent wears off and we can look back more objectively, I think people will see that MP3 is the worst of the three.

Sure the euphoria engine makes everything amazing, but the plot is cliche and paced just as terribly as anything put out by COD. There is no depth in character development outside of any of the characters besides Max. There are more villains introduced and slain before they can actually be vilified, and above all they put the Branco family as a center in the plot. Who the hell cared if the Brancos lived or died? I know Max didn't. I sure didn't. Narrative is supposed to drive the action. In MP3 this is not the case. The action drives the action and thats good enough.

Pintheshadows2367d ago


"Who the hell cared if the Brancos lived or died? I know Max didn't."

Yeah, he didn't try and save them at all did he? Do you read what you type or do you have no control over your fingers?

cogniveritas2367d ago


This game felt alot like the real crime plots that Rockstar seems to be good at, simple people acting with simple motives usually involving drugs and money. The Brancos were not a very fleshed out bunch in terms of character development but we saw them as being just as artificial as Max saw them which was the point IMO, party people, politics, money, and crime could describe their lives. Not only that, but Max tells you himself, his connection to them was purely "capitalistic". He was trying to make money, and he was there to give them what they paid for, not realizing he was essentially being pimped out in a scheme.

Yes, a real crime plot can be that shallow and unromantic. Not all villains have a chance to be vilified because they may not be much better or worse than anyone else acting in self interest, and not all villains get give a dramatic speech before they die, some just die with a quick gunshot and others disappear without closure. The story telling had some spectacle moments and while the plot was not fantastic, it wasn't that bad for a game trying to express a crime story that only expected you to suspend your disbelief for the amount of bullets Max could swallow while diving in slow motion as everything collapses and explodes around him.


YES! games used to be like this "enemies was in a game to kill YOU, now alot of games throws enemies in there for YOU TO kill"

MaverickStar72367d ago

I love the setting of the game. I was not interested in this game when I thought it was just going to be another drab NYC cop drama like before. To me Max Payne is not about the city, but about the character and his personal struggles. That can be done anywhere.

As with all games, change too little and people complain. Change too much, other people complain. It may not be what the writer was looking for or hoped this game would be, but I really don't see much to the 5 negative reasons listed.

Bimkoblerutso2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

It just doesn't feel like Max Payne most of the time anymore. It's not game ruining, obviously, but it is a little disappointing that the noir aspects of the previous games have been foregone in favor of a more mainstream, testosterone-fueled action setting.

Still love the game, and the setting is still exciting and intriguing in it's own way, but some of the magic is missing this time around in my opinion.

MeatAbstract2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

Not played MP3 yet, eagerly awaiting the PC version.

But I think it's not fair to point out that he was 'at peace' at the end of MP2. Maybe for a moment he thought he was. But as you also saw in MP2, he was ringing sex lines just to talk to someone because he was lonely. Mona isn't around in MP3, perhaps he can't help but reflect on what might have been, since he was so close to having 'the American Dream'.

It's clear that character and story-wise, Rockstar always tries to create vivid characters. In this, Max just can't magically be at peace that his family was brutally murdered, I think no one could be, it would just hurt less.

And what is Noir and what isn't is debatable. It's doesn't have to be an urban, New York grim setting.

clarkjudo2367d ago

The one thing that I hated about this game was the over use of the F-bomb in its dialog. They could have been replaced with other intelligent liners of sorts or left out entirely. But instead they feel out of line as a interruption in a well scripted dialog for each character. I had a hard time with wanting to listen closely to what hey were going to say. Instead I was reaching for the remote. Or I simply was cut off gaurd and jabbed in the ear while walking alone or with Passos through certain places during gameplay. LOL

Once I was finished with my first time through I thought maybe I will switch the language from English to Spanish or Portuguese because I knew the story already and it fit the setting. Nope, Rock* did not program it that way for spoken language to be edited but only subtitles. Well, to get some relief. At least while doing the modes in single player some of that is cut out (cutscenes). LOL

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