What do players want, Need for Speed: The Run 2 or Most Wanted 2?

The Need for Speed franchise is indisputably a long running series. It has had its ups and downs and fans have been left both disappointed, as well as impressed. For a series that has taken its cars from street racing to track racing and then back again to street racing, fans are beginning to wonder what come next. It has been announced that Need for Speed will get an annual yearly release but that doesn’t completely confirm what racing type the yearly titles will be centered around. Although speculation about the next title being either a sequel to Need for Speed: The Run or Need for Speed: Most Wanted quickly arose with other Need for Speed titles in the mix, Most Wanted 2 seemed to have had concrete indication as to being the next installment to the Need for Speed series. With that being said is Most Wanted 2 really what fans of the series want or would they have preferred a sequel to the dramatic 2011 hit, Need for Speed: The Run?

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TheSuperior 2369d ago

If this is anything but Most Wanted 2 then i will not buy the game. All NFS titles after Most wanted sucked

TheSuperior 2369d ago

I would totally go for that too, anything before Most wanted was good in my book!

paddystan2369d ago

Agreed. I still remember how fun and how much I played Underground 2 on my PS2. Good times.

Captain Qwark 92369d ago

agreed 1000x. i dont know why they just didnt keep underground and add to it more and more. idiots

lategamer2368d ago

Most Wanted was quite similar to Underground, after that though IDK what EA was thinking.

Captain Qwark 92368d ago

true but they kept removing more and more customization options. and then to eliminate drag racing which was amazing, just didn't make sense. every nfs game since underground 2 has been a step back imo

kamruk2369d ago

Read the title and thought to myself more Underground :D

Tonester9252369d ago

I still have my saved file on my PS2 memory card lol I'm never throwing it away

PygmelionHunter2368d ago

I was about to comment this as soon as i read the title!

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Emilio_Estevez2369d ago

I'll take NFS Underground 3 for the win.

TheSuperior 2369d ago

Ill take that, hell id be very very happy with that!

Snookies122369d ago

Hot Pursuit 2 lol, the first was so dang fun multiplayer...

NastyLeftHook02369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

midnight club 5

most wanted...i played the run and did not like it at all.

lategamer2368d ago

After the awesomeness that was Midnight Club 3, MC:LA was a disappointment IMO :(. Hopefully Rockstar redeems themselves with MC5.

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The story is too old to be commented.