Final Fantasy XI – A Retrospective on a Unique Experience, and a Community

"When I think of my most cherished video gaming experiences, a few come to mind: Red Faction, Mass Effect 2, Mirror’s Edge, Mass Effect 3, Red Dead Redemption, and others. All of these games are solid, but there are plenty of other games that I like all the same. I mentioned them specifically because they each carry a unique quality that sets them apart from everything else I have played in the past. There is a difference between an exceptional game that is tossed in favor of moving on to the next one, and a game that is engrained in your mind for life because there was one thing about it that just made it so damn good.

Final Fantasy XI. It transcended what it meant to simply be a consistent fun game, and became an experience; it is also my favorite Final Fantasy."

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negroguy2398d ago

My favorite MMO of all time. Maybe because it was my first MMO but the community in FFXI was one of the best. Everyone was helpful, met some friends there that I still talk to today. Was hoping for the same type of thing with FFXIV but meh.

Edward752398d ago

Total agreement. Can't say anything bad about FF11. Period.

greyhaven332398d ago

The first time to the dunes still ranks as one of my personal favorite moments in any game. The place even had a reputation in the starting cities that built up the hype for it. Nothing compares to the chaos of the first time and the way that zone shaped u into a competent player, or spit u out and made u quit lol

TransientDreamer2398d ago

Valkurm Dunes was insane in the low levels - especially prior to level sync when the servers were full.

One of the other big challenges was surviving areas like Garliage Citadel and Crawler's Nest; people loved to train the super-high level mobs near the lower level camps. -_-

jukins2398d ago

man you guys are awesome for loving this game. I played this game for almost 5 years straight and still think about getting back into it but im actually intimidated with the changes. I left a little after the last expansion came out before the level cap rose.

the first time through the dunes, quifim islands, citadels, etc. so many memories.

the best thing about this game was the rewarding feeling you got for completing some of the goals since it actually took a long time to do alot of stuff. whether it be leveling, crafting, dynamis just an awesome game.

Kyosuke_Sanada2398d ago

Leaping Lizzy, Valkurm Emperor: Did your heart skip a beat yet?

TransientDreamer2398d ago

If you said 'Mysticmaker Profblix' it would have. 1/7 on that guy, all for a freaking earring...but it was worth it!

i3eyond the Circle2398d ago

Gotta say...I remember destroying the economy of my server by starting an gambling racket on top of the Jeuno AH....75 pld/rng/drk/thf/ni spent my life on this game during college and because of time I played mostly with Japanese players. So I used my auto translator...all the time.

great memories...great game....spending a week to get a level...camping coffers for AF equipment and astral just was such a great MMO and gave worth to every good item you had.

Only the best looked great....only the best could rock full ninja AF gear with goldsmithing glasses on....when I hear MMO I think of this game and the great almost brings a tear to my eyes lol

TransientDreamer2398d ago

Casinos = instant nostalgia. They never bothered me, but I remember the ire that they drew from others lol.