This Looks Like a Japanese RPG, But It’s a First-Person Shooter (No, Really)

Japanese games get pigeonholed: Young characters with big eyes swinging big swords. Screw swords, give them guns!

Independent game developers Ayaemo Research Institute's latest project, The Legend of Alfur, is a PC first-person shooter.

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Patriots_Pride2032d ago

WTF you got some Call of Duty in my JRPG.

dragonyght2032d ago

Lol this got nothing to do with just poorly design fps or jfps if there such a thing

2032d ago
Spydiggity2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

Too bad the graphics look like they belong on the ps2, the AI looks retarded, and the gun mechanics could be from Wolf 3D.

kevnb2032d ago

its just an anime based fps, calm down.

neogeo2032d ago

Call of jrpg. World at drama and tears.

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