An RPG With A Story that Isn't a Clichéd Mess Needs You

BNR: Are you sick of playing RPGs starring the same characters with different names? You're going to want to check out Alcarys Complex.

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tallkidoPL1976d ago

Play witcher 2 if you want real RPG

Dovahkiin1976d ago

Amazing game, feels fresh and new without doing anything majorly different. You can just feel how much effort went into the development of the game.

Lord_Sloth1976d ago

Valkyria Chronicles and Resonance of Fate.

2 amazing RPGs that went completely ignored by the masses.

Jourdy2881976d ago

Ugh, tell me about it. I played the Resonance demo- mindblown. I've been meaning to pick up a copy...

Jourdy2881976d ago

I'm really hoping this game gets to go somewhere. It looks AMAZING.