New FPS announced by Sony

Sony Online Entertainment has announced a new first-person shooter title with Bullet Run, which is planned to be a free-to-play online PC game.

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LOGICWINS2071d ago

More shooters...fantastic.

slayorofgods2071d ago

Sony's obsession with FPS's and MS attempt to take over the jrpg market (and killing it by the way) have been the most annoying aspect of the current generation.... I'll be sure to wait a while before picking up my next console and see what everyone is doing first.

portal_22071d ago

PC counts as a generation of console now...?

TekoIie2071d ago

MS killing the JRPG market? Elaborate please...

BlaqMagiq242071d ago

Dude you got it the other way around. Most people I know play only FPS's on 360 while for PS3 the genres are widespread. You'll find more people playing JRPGs on there than 360.

NAGNEWS2071d ago

is a Acony games and sony is just publishing it

SilentNegotiator2070d ago

Like you would be complaining if it weren't Sony.

It's a persistent multiplayer game; how many persistent multiplayer shooters are already out and successful? Not many. So give it a chance before you shoot down the latest Sony published game.

LOGICWINS2070d ago

What does this being a Sony published game have to do with my comment?

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kreate2071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )

HM... at least sony is announcing a variety of games plus its a free to play.

U cannot beat free.

MiamiACR212071d ago

I agree. I can't remember the last time anything on PC of this caliber has been free to play. /s

Asgaro2071d ago

Team Fortress 2
APB Reloaded
Casus Belli
Black Light Retribution

Not yet released:
Ghost Recon Online

Halochampian2070d ago

he was being sarcastic, Asgaro.

And you forgot Tribes: Ascend

RedDead2071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )

Nice one Sony

Hicken2071d ago

You'd rather anything having to do with Sony crashes and burns.

I mean really, what the hell does Mario have to do with a free-to-play FPS?

NastyLeftHook02071d ago

just report hi and move on, jealousy is a bad thing, you have to let him somehow deal with it.

MidnytRain2071d ago

Hmm... I don't know for sure but this looks like a stealth edit.

fei-hung2071d ago

Is this PC only or is it PS3 too? And if it is on both, will it allow cross play?

SactoGamer2071d ago

PC only. At least, at this point it is. Going cross-platform wouldn't be a terrible thing, IMHO.

GamingPerson2071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )

I can see sony making more f2p pc games.

"Smedley also says that “DCUO’s playerbase is growing at 6% a day,” adding that 47% of the boosted profits are coming from the PC version. The rest are from the PS3 version."

lol this might confuse some ps3 players.
"Sony exclusives for pc? O_o"

Pandamobile2071d ago

What about Planetside 2? That's actually being developed internally at SOE.

MurDocINC2071d ago

The logo + game show theme makes it sorta like Xgames event.

SactoGamer2071d ago

I was actually thinking back to the 1990 with 'SmashTV'.

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