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Project-Blu writes: 'It’s immediately apparent that Max Payne has changed, and Rockstar’s presence is felt, but that isn’t a bad thing, despite whatever initial reservations you might have had about the game. This is still very much a worthy successor to previous entries in the franchise, even though the strong writing isn’t quite to the level of previous writer, Sam Lake. However, the improvements to the gameplay easily make up a good portion of that, and for newcomers it will feel like a breath of fresh air from a saturated shooter market. In Max Payne 3, you really do feel like a one man wrecking crew, and the feeling is undeniably satisfying.'

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GamerzElite2369d ago

What kind of crap patch they released yesterday.. after install the patch 1.02 Max Payne 3 multiplayer became unplayable. I spend all the to play a decent game but I game screen freezes on matchmaking, between game I found I am single player who is running in map, Unable to join friebd's party, Console hang and shut down atomatically.... Plz Rockstar do something otherwise you loose player everyday. i found MW3's Lag is far better than this...

MrPink934852369d ago

Haven't played the MP since the patch, the single player to me has been surprisingly replayable so far, in terms of experimenting play styles.

timothyjwolfe2369d ago

Looks like a great game and thanks for the great release day coverage!

chameleontongue2369d ago

how's the Multiplayer on this?