New Challenger: 3 Reasons Why Gaming Will Destroy Itself Part 1

Default Prime writer Chris Stewart embarks upon the first of a three-part look at why videogames are going to destroy themselves if things continue to develop as they currently are doing. In this first part, piracy is the subject of the day.

"Let’s begin with Blizzard and the rocky launch Diablo III experienced. They should really have anticipated some of these problems. I mean, if only they had a digital distribution platform and some way to know just how many people pre-ordered the game and were going to try and play it in the first week of release."

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Edward752368d ago

A lot of very good reasons pointed out in the article. I understand none of the people who frequent this site fit into the category of the "average consumer" for games. So many of these points are minor Issues for us that we can get over.

The parents buying gifts for younger children especially, and casual gamers can really be bothered by these things though. I do think that it is a part of the problem with many casual gamers going over to iPad/android gaming. It's simple, cheap, and gives the casual consumer a gaming fix so that they no longer buy as many titles on home consoles.