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Diablo 3 is not an Action RPG. It has largely ostracized all RPG elements; there is no theorycrafting, no statistics that matter, no customization. Your character isn't your own, because in truth, your character is – apart from the armor and weapons that you piece together and hoard in the good old Diablo spirit – nearly identical to all other characters of your class. If you play a Demon Hunter, it is no different from any other Demon Hunter players out there."

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finite2397d ago

Very nice review we like

Trenta272397d ago

Very good review and an accurate score. The game is great, but the story and some gameplay choices hurt it.

kevnb2397d ago

Pretty much trolling at times in this review. And its not like you can equip all abilities at once, so the leveling isn't that big of a deal that you have to go on for paragraphs... One valid complaint is that it is sort of easy until you get to harder modes, but so is almost every game now. I don't mind a game being easy so long as it's still engaging and interesting, and Diablo 3 certainly always is.

Lelldorianx2397d ago

I don't think you understand how the word "trolling" is supposed to be used.

admiralthrawn872397d ago

if i play a demon hunter it is no different than any other demon hunter? That's your lack of insight. 3 of my friends play demon hunters including me, and we all choose to play it differently. review fail.

h311rais3r2397d ago

Ya I'm a dodgy demOn hunter. Jump in wall of knives jump out and crowd control the rest. Works great. Well...until hell lol