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"In the time since GRAW concluded, the Call of Duty franchise has soared to momentous heights and consequently claimed a vice grip on the shooter market.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is the first of a three step program to retake the market that Ubisoft once dominated, with steps two and three being the next iterations of Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell respectively.

I can objectively say that it’s the most polished Ghost Recon title to date, and it’s one hell of a breath of fresh air."

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Proeliator2370d ago

Will definitely have to pick this one up. I love ghost recon... seems this one will be great.

Hooshuwashu2370d ago

Great game. If you enjoy any type of tactical shoot 'em up, this is it!!

gaminoz2370d ago

Ghost recon was the ORIGINAL modern warfare shooter this gen.

Everyone seems to think it all began with COD4!

So looking forward to this one!!!

BadCircuit2370d ago

This looks so much more 'open' than the hand holding of COD!!

I'm hoping it is as good as they are saying. I like having a team and having to think a bit.

DeusExer2370d ago

This looks absolutely fantastic. Love the tactical gameplay BF3 offers, but this seems to be absolutely vital to succeeding in this game.

Cue the COD fanboys raging about how they can't 360 no scope n00bs.

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The story is too old to be commented.