How to Play Diablo III on Your iPad

Techland writes: "Want to play Diablo III on the go? Not expecting any way of getting it on your iPad anytime soon? Think again! I just want to clarify that no, the game has not been release on the App Store. However that is not going to hinder avid gamer’s from being able to play the game on the go. Time Magazine have discovered a way for gamers to take Diablo III anywhere they go!"

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IaussieGamer2369d ago

ROFL I did a youtube video on this Months and months ago. They must have stolen the idea from me esp as its using the same program lol

IHateYouFanboys2369d ago

to be fair, it doesnt take a genius to figure this out. its just a remote desktop, people have been doing it on ipads since the day they came out.

Ethereal2368d ago

Works great. lol. Remote desktop is good to have anyways.