Swap PS Vita memory cards, without losing your data

At some point, we're all going to have to upgrade that PS Vita memory card. 4GB of storage space simply isn't enough in the long term. Here we show you how to upgrade your memory card without losing any data or game saves

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Edward752401d ago

I already upgraded. I sold my vita. Gaming on the go is no longer enjoyable for me. But I do hope that the Vita is successful as a system for people who enjoy it.

On topic though the price of memory cards for the vita HAVE TO come down. There is no excuse for the price being so high.

Edward752401d ago

No one wants it to be successful? Or think the cards are too expensive?

As to my reason why I sold it, being a bit older, on the go gaming isn't for me.

I just find it weird that people disagree with comments based on fanboy-ism.

It's a great system, just not for me. No portable gaming system is for me anymore. I'm sure that many people are the same way.

morganfell2401d ago

I picked up a couple of 32MB card with my 3G. Havewn't looked back. I bought a few retail games and after that I have stuck with downloading them from PSN. Much more convenient. Saving and backing up data to the PC has proven very easy.


Eddie is the ultimate in stealth trolling. Look at his comment history. 90% of his remarks are about Sony not doing well financially or going into the toilet. Only Sony.

He usually says something like "I hope they do better" but it's meaningless as he has accomplished what he wanted. Always pointing to doom. Even worse is his acting as if he is so clever that no one understands what he is doing.

Edward752401d ago


That is very correct. It is true. Note that it is in my best interest for them to do well. I am a shareholder (along with sega/Sammy).

I am a diehard fan,especially to invest money other then buying the systems.
BUT I am a realist. Wouldn't you be upset if a company you loved so much as to invest money in keeps on letting you down?

Much like a sports fan of a specific team that has shining possibilities, but year after year, lets you down.

From a business standpoint I don't know any single site/mag/ respectable financial institution that forecasts anything other then what I am saying. People are blind and want to magically separate the upside of the games that they make, and the rest of the company. I'm not trying to do anything, it's just that people are blinded by the sugar coating of Sony's games to see what they are feeding us as a company.

So, yes, 90% of my comments are about Sony not doing well financially. I would love to see them do better (as it is money), I never knock the games, only the business side of it (I did say that twisted metal deserved like a 7) anyone who thinks I am lying is a fool.

When I say I wish for them to do better it is more sincere then most fanboys of just the gaming industry. What I am doing is telling the truth,

123_3212401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Nice kettle.
OT: Hopefully we see a memory card price cut at E3.
I think a MC price cut is more likely than a Vita price cut.

MySwordIsHeavenly2401d ago

I have a 16 Gb now that I bought used from my store at $35. :)

I didn't lose any data. I just transferred it to my PC and transferred it back...

joeorc2401d ago

memory sticks are proprietary?.

that's not quite 100% true


memory sticks starting from 2003 on were not proprietary!

please note that was before the PSP was even released!

due to the fact many people may not know that the Memory stick pro was created as a joint venture that Sony did with Sandisk!

Thus it cannot be proprietary if more than one company makes the card in this case.

The problem is external card reader's makes it very easy to access the file system on the memory cards for downloaded content like full games that were UMD dumped.

and as a result many game's from the PSP were loaded on P2P or data server's for people with even low experience with getting a root access to the device to allow UMD ISO dumps to be loaded onto a Memory stick.

All the while using a memory card reader. The PSVita on the other hand, contains Encryption on the PSVita memory card, it also requires to be installed inside your PSVita connected to the PS3 or to the PC and connected to the PC "content manager" has to be used.

3rd party development of games for the PSP suffered because many venture capitalist may find it hard to reinvest into new projects for a sequel because the 1st game may have had more downloaded copy's from P2P as an iso dump than sold @ retail. that's the thing about many comment's about Sony's platforms. Many comment that Software does not sell very well.

while many say the software is not that special, so which is the game worth or not worth paying the developer's for their work or is it just easy to downloaded the game off of p2p because they feel the content cost's too much for what the developer's and Sony are asking; because it was not that good of a game in the first place?

It's to avoid this same situation again, many PSP games many say did not sell that well, so Sony trying to maximize Sales for developer's i would imagine is a way to offset chances for if they are going to release a game they can get more sales toward the game even if many still say the game is not that very good.

nugnugs2400d ago

Edward. Fair play for explaining your stance, but to claim anyone disagreeing with you is a fool is not cool.
It seems your bias is based on financial terms and not gaming terms. Its a shame that, just like the movie industry, profit is directing the gaming sphere and not imagination or innovation.
I think, in terms of original ideas and range of game types, Sony has been pushing and taking risks with games i.e. japanese role playing games, games such as Katherine or the Yakuza games, whereas Microsoft or at least Xbox has been pandering to the mainstream - shooters and racing games. Mostly all sequels to boot!
Just like in the film industry, millions go to the cinema and watch bilge like battleship, yet the films that are revered are class films that are varied and interesting and push boundries.

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