Sony sold half a million PS3 consoles in Poland, is giving away 2 free games has revealed that Sony sold over half a million PS3 consoles in Poland. To celebrate the fact the company is giving away 2 free minis games - Jewel Keepers: Easter Island and Urbanix.

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b_one2401d ago

LOL they gave them in USA on some different event, so not a big deal ;>

egidem2401d ago

Of course it's not a big deal. If Sony gave you say a free copy of The Last of Us and God of War Ascension you'd shrug and say "...Meh." because it wouldn't be a big deal.


b_one2401d ago

no, coz it was allready available, and now they are making something out of nothing...sure - licensing, permisions etc, kind of cool - but mainly ive got it on US psn account.

egidem2401d ago

Okay you already have both games but ever stopped to think that perhaps others don't? Not everyone outside the States have a US PSN account.

Bathyj2401d ago

Making something out of nothing is preferable to making nothing out of something.

Why are people always trying to convince us we shouldnt enjoy something nice Sony does, even when its the littlest thing?

b_one2401d ago

Sure, but why do they say they are special and all that stuff, mostly its only PR crap.

NobleRed2401d ago

Very good. Or in polish bardzo dobrze . /lol

neutralgamer192401d ago

Best system on the market with vast array of Ps3 exclusives that shows how gaming should really be done!!!!!

egidem2401d ago

Agreed. In terms of a console recommendation I always go with the PS3.

One of my friends (who is on a budget) was considering getting an Xbox 360, subscribing to Xbox Live and finding a game to play. I told him the Xbox platform is a good one, but if he went that route he'd have to pay for the console, Xbox Live as well as the game itself.

So instead he got a PS3 at a discount, signed up on PSN and was very happy to see that DCUO is available on the PS3 (he plays this game a lot). All he had to pay for was the console. Everything else was free. On top of that he's venturing into the exclusives...boy does he have a lot to play!

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The story is too old to be commented.