Ghost Recon Future Soldier PS3 review - OPM

GRAW! Huh. Yeah. What is it good for? Absolutely… giving you a really po-faced squad shooter in the brownest environments this side of Homer’s dreamt-up Land Of Chocolate. While the old Ghost Recons were technically adept, they badly needed injecting with 50cc of sodium fun-oxide, STAT. If Tom Clancy’s past spectres were frowny-faced ghouls, though, Future Soldier is part Bond, Batman and Mission: Impossible wrapped inside loveably outrageous shell.

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Myst2396d ago

A great game more people should get it the multiplayer is really fun and addicting :)

Fil1012396d ago

I'm pretty sure there will be a load more people come on during the weekend as the game does'nt release here in the UK till friday and i'll be 1 of them plus even though the game is out state side there's probably a s^*t load of people waiting till they pick up there pay packets before purchasing this kick ass game.

Myst2396d ago

True my friend in the UK is waiting for his as well so hopefully I can finally do the campaign then to.