Diablo 3's DRM Shows How Greedy Blizzard Has Become

Ever since Diablo 3 released it has been the source for a lot of frustration. From server down time to ridiculous DRM, Blizzard has managed to create an amazing game that people want to play, but are having trouble doing just that. There are few design choices that go deeper than Blizzard simply “protecting the players,” and when you put the dots together you see an awfully greedy Blizzard.

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megajon2369d ago

The DRM used in Diablo 3 is a little on the ridiculous side. I just don't like that you can't play the game unless your connected to their servers since when the servers are down, you can't play the game. Makes me appreciate the 20 dollar torchlight 2 that much more.

NYC_Gamer2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

TL2 will have mod support on release

Nodoze2369d ago

Agree. Torchlight 2 will get my coin. Diablo will not.

V0LT2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

Main reason I haven't bought the game and won't. When will dev's realize it hurts the loyal ones instead of the pirates.

Tiqila2369d ago

for me that sounds like mimimi

Tewi-Inaba2369d ago

THIS is what shows they're greedy?
I thought it was the hundreds of buyable mounts and pets for WoW and 60 dollar mandatory expansion for an RTS

Zechs342369d ago

They are optional mounts and pets and Blizzard have stated numerous times that Heart of the Swarm has an MSRP of 39.99...

On topic, while the DRM may seem a bit extreme at first, I'm sure people will get over it as they do with everything else. I have clocked in close to 50 hours since launch day. Only had 2 disconnects. The game is so enjoyable it makes you even forget it had problems. Enjoy!

adorie2369d ago

I have over 100 hours so far, closr to Inferno with 12k DPS. :D (I'll need much more for Inferno)

something like 20-30k DPS for Inferno.

vortis2368d ago

I hope people don't get over the DRM.

Do we really need all our big budget AAA games hackable by some idiot gold-diggers because every other company wants to emulate Blizzard and their always-on?

I sure hope people don't get over it, otherwise the industry is doomed.

cornroves2369d ago

They are a company they want and need to make money, the more money you make the better your product can become and you can make even more money. To say they're greedy may be right, but aren't most companies and people that make an unfathomable amount of money a bit greedy, or is it ambitious? However the whole server thing is a bit much i'd say, but then again they might have learned a lesson the millions that joined World of Warcraft....

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