Heroes & Generals: Preview (RQR)

Heroes and Generals is a unique game in its own right. It combines several elements of other great games we have come to know and love. At the central core of the game, we have a strategic command mode where commanders can make decisions and changes to a constant running, persistent global war. Through this mode units can be mustered and moved, much like a traditional strategy board game, such as Axis & Allies or Risk. The decisions made here allow for players to join specific battles as varying roles, ranging from gun based, ground assault teams, to halftracks, tanks and air warfare.

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RageQuitRebels2401d ago

I've enjoyed the gameplay thus far and look forward to the mobile possibilities promised prior to launch.

kdogdaddy2401d ago

The mobile strategic element should allow for copious amounts of time wasting for all of us with the 9-5 office job.