Skyrim iCEnhancer - First Screenshot showcases a wonderful... butt

DSOGaming writes: "As we informed you yesterday, Hayssam Keilany has started developing an iCEnhancer mod for Skyrim. The modder has been hard at work last night and presented today the first, early screenshot from Skyrim iCEnhancer, that shows off a nice butt. Apart from that though, we can already notice Keilany's fixes to the whole lighting system. Both saturation and color balance have been tweaked and although Keilany used a DoF filter, the end result is quite amazing."

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ATi_Elite2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

come on you could of given us more pics!

anyway here is a better website with more pics!!

Ice mod makes a big difference and we are sure to get even more improvements the same way they are still improving GTAIV.

john22369d ago

Keilany abandoned those previous plans for his project. This shot is from his new start on the project that is based on the new ENBSeries mod of Boris

NYC_Gamer2369d ago

The mod community comes to the rescue again :)

VanguardOfCalamity2369d ago

Mods are so awesome - they always bring a breath of fresh ass.. err I mean air

PiccoloGR2369d ago

We all need some fresh... air from time to time. Right?