Making A Drama Out Of A Crysis 3

Taking place in the year 2047 (24 years after the last game), Crysis 3 is a full-fledged continuation of the stunning FPS series that, back in 2007, single-handedly increased the sales of high-end graphics cards when it launched on the PC before pushing the graphical limits of the Xbox 360 for its 2011 sequel.

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CanadianTurtle2400d ago

Just like the second game, it will have a crap story and very boring gameplay. I still can't get over the fact that I paid 40 bucks for Crysis 2. Everyone was saying how good the game was. I played through it with an open mind, and I was surprised by how bored I was.

Tachyon_Nova2400d ago

Can I borrow your time machine when your done?