Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Definitive Review -

"Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is like no game I’ve ever played before. While I’ve always regarded the franchise as the clumsy little brother constantly playing catch-up to many of the industry giants, I’m happy to announce that Future Soldier’s lofty ambitions are fully-realized this time around, providing unique thrills, spills and kills in an effort to ensure that it’s the definitive shooter for the summer." -

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Holeran2399d ago

I really hope others feel the same way about this game. I get my copy in 2 hours.

CoolBeansRus2399d ago

Yes, this is a good review. Can't wait for the big names to give their review.

Son_Lee2399d ago

Got it last night. Haven't played it since I got Dragon's Dogma, as well. Excited to give this a go. It'll be my first Ghost Recon title!

Honestly tired of all the normal shooters wit the same tired gameplay so this will be a breath of fresh air.

MisterMarston2399d ago

You sum it up well there, it's definitely a breath of fresh air. I'd played the Advanced Warfighter games before, but they're almost embarrassing compared to this. It may not be a giant killer, but it's a step in the right direction for future shooters.

gulevski2399d ago

Very Good Review.

Cheers ;)

Dazel2399d ago

I gave up after "graphically its one of the best third person shooters ive ever seen"!!! Please....

I hope it's good but will wait for a more credible review.