Kojima teasing ‘black Raiden’ for Metal Gear Rising

TVGB: Bit of a strange one, this; Hideo Kojima has teased a ‘black Raiden’ appearing in the upcoming Metal Gear Rising.

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Snookies121977d ago

Like... Black man Raiden? Is it Drebin? He was black... Lol, seriously though, what's up with having another Raiden-type?

Akuma-1976d ago

So he's teasing a new raiden? I can't wait to see scorpion

MrMister1970d ago

Rising is a joke. I don't care what gimmicks they throw at it.

Blacktric1976d ago

It's probably a new suit/skin for Raiden instead of a whole new character I think. But since cloning has always been a central theme of Metal Gear Solid games, it could very well be a cloned and improved Raiden made by the rival PMC company/ies we saw in the trailer.

WeskerChildReborned1976d ago

Does he mean a black skinned Raiden or a black outfit Raiden?

Titanz1977d ago

Also electrifying at the same time. :P

Convas1976d ago

LOL, Black Raiden ...

Not sure if racist or complement.

PersonaCat1976d ago

This will surely appeal to the urban youth of America. Oh Kojima :)

VileAndVicious1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Why do people always say "urban" when refering to african americans? Im black and I wouldnt exactly say I live in an urban setting.

PersonaCat1976d ago

It's funny, I'm also black and was just making a joke. Judging from my disagrees no one found it funny :/ oh well, cant win them all.

JokesOnYou1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Well I'm black and I thought it was funny, besides if there's one thing I hate its any black male below the age of 40 being too sensitive about racism, sure we've all experienced it in some form here or there but its nothing compared to what our grandparents or their parents went through, theres just too many opportunities these days to let what some racist azzhole says bother you.

Oh my bad this is a gaming that case, yeah I got no problem if it turns out my homie Raid Dawg's a brotha....but seriously no watermelon'n fried chicken jokes, lol.

VileAndVicious1976d ago

Well I wasnt offended or anything lol I was just curious. Ive always wanted to know

SuperLupe1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Hip hop made him do it.

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The story is too old to be commented.