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Submitted by lifesanrpg 1356d ago | opinion piece

Five reasons to give the PS Vita a second chance

GameZone writes: "Despite questionable decisions by Sony, there are a few reasons why you shouldn't give up on the Vita just yet." (PS Vita)

falcon262  +   1356d ago
I feel people lack a basic quality now a days. PATIENCE. If you decide to be an early adopter realize YOU will have to wait for a substantial library to be built and supported by the community. To write a system off 3 months after its US debut is absurd.
Hicken  +   1356d ago
It's part of the new culture of gaming, sadly. It goes hand-in-hand with the current practice of beating a game within a week and trading it in.
da_2pacalypse  +   1356d ago
This is why we need a dark souls type of game/ skyrim port where I can sink more than 200 hours into! Imagine that :|

The games on the PSP are unfortunately a bit shallow. I'm really craving some RPG's on the vita. Even better... Steam support :|
one2thr  +   1356d ago
^^^^Well thats a fact, and people tend to forget that every gaming console had/has eventually went through this same exact phase... Kudos falcon
Myst  +   1356d ago
Hicken hit it right on the head as well as you. Lack of it is what is driving people away. Heck even though the selection isn't that big I took some leap of faiths on some games like Hotshots golf. While I haven't played any of the ones before I decided to get it. Also Disgaea 3 that game will surely hold anyone over until more games come out :p
miyamoto  +   1355d ago
This my man is how rotten gaming journalism & western gamers has become in America.

Sales figures give them more fun thant the games themselves.

All the American media sensationalism about sales figures that the NPD, VGChartz & particularly sales fanboys are so obsessed with has screwed up many gamer's mind.

I don't remember this sensationalism and obsession on sales figures from the NES days to the PS2 hey days.
The Japanese companies & the gamers in general don't give spit about sales back then.
Ducky  +   1355d ago
Gee, thanks for the generalization.

Let's ignore the fact that it's an american site that is trying to encourage people to get a Vita.
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kreate  +   1356d ago
Second chance?

arent we still on the first chance?
DJLB2115  +   1356d ago
anyone who hates on the vita must not have one. No one who had a vita would drag it thru the mud like that, its too expensive lol
Gen0ne  +   1356d ago
Jesus, is this where we're at? Giving the poor thing a second chance? Hey man, the 3DS SUCKED in it's few opening months, then took off like a shot. Here's hoping the Vita ( still hate the name ) does the same. Although, historically speaking, chances are it'll never surpass Nintendo's handheld. Only compliment it as a higher powered alternative. Minus the 3D. Which I find odd, considering that 3D is Sony tech.

Edit: I'm actually rooting for Sony to rally here. Financially, they're getting their asses kicked right now. I'd like a little help to come their way. Also, I LOVE my 3DS! When Vita delivers the games, I'll deliver the loot.
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smashcrashbash  +   1356d ago
I agree. I didn't know we where already in the second chance zone yet. VITA hasn't even been out a year yet and we are already taking second chance?
Burning_Finger  +   1356d ago
It's not even a year. lol

Unbelievable. People are that stupid....or just this article.XD
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TheSanchezDavid  +   1356d ago
I know people who bought a Vita and sold it already. Also, every news site you go on will make comical remarks about how the Vita really has no worthwhile games. Meanwhile, people on forums and blogs are constantly talking about how they'll probably never buy the thing on account of its high price and failure to deliver quality software. So yeah, to those people, I really do think "second chance" applies.
MasterCornholio  +   1356d ago
The Vita does have good games. Its the trolls who claim that it doesn't. Sorry but choose your words more carefully next time otherwise you could loose all your credibility with one mistake.

TheSanchezDavid  +   1356d ago
Choose what words carefully? It's not like I slandered the Vita. I'm saying I want people to give it a chance. It boggles my mind how the internet, especially the N4G crowd, can spin everything and make it seem negative.
smashcrashbash  +   1355d ago
Wow. So because you know people that brought a VITA and sold it already that speaks for every single person on the planet right? Nice N4G logic.

@ ronin4life. Wow what a surprise to hear you say that. No, really you standing up for the 3DS is such a surprise.
TheSanchezDavid  +   1355d ago
@smashcrashbash: Did I say that speaks for every single person on the planet? Absolutely not. This article is intended for those gamers who have soured on the Vita. By you quickly jumping to that assumption, it shows me that you're the one with the inferior "N4G logic" that so many close-minded users on this site suffer from. Congrats!
Hicken  +   1355d ago
The problem is that you state your experiences in a matter-of-fact manner that implies it to be the norm or the majority.

Each of the things you state easily has a counter, yet you never once state "some people." It's "every news site" and "constantly talking." As a "games writer," you should be well aware of how this makes your statement appear negative.

Of course, "some people" need to give the Vita a second chance. But if you're being fair and honest, "some people" never gave it a first chance to begin with. And as many of the people here are saying, it's a little early to even NEED a second chance; were all these people saying the same thing about every other console that's ever come out? Because I'm pretty certain they've ALL been in the Vita's shoes mere months after release, from both a pricing (if you think it's too expensive) and library standpoint.

And in both these cases, it's hard to say the Vita is not in a BETTER position than most were at the same point: very few systems have had as many games and features at this point in their lives, and I doubt the launch price of any other system has been praised like the VIta's was.

Yet here we are, a few months later, and everything that was hailed as being a plus is suddenly a negative; your comments, the way they're worded, only serve to reinforce this, by giving no balance at all, as outlined above.
raymantalk1  +   1356d ago
i hate this crap does not matter if 1000 games had been launched at launch these kind of articles would still be making the rounds i have a psvita and there is plenty of decent games to had yes we all want more but it takes time to make games soon enough there will be allot more games available from what i can make out there is more already than what is available on the 3DS and you dont get many of these kind of articles for that console so why for the psvita such a constant stream of crap i for one am sick of this rubbish journalism.
ronin4life  +   1356d ago
There aren't more worthwhile Vita games than 3ds games. And if you look at upcoming titles, the 3ds outpaces the vita there as well.
The Vita doesn't need a "second chance". It needs more games. And anyone who thinks that i won't be getting them isn't paying much attention.
Patience, people. Patience.
gorebago  +   1355d ago
I don't know. I love my vita and have spent good enough hours on pretty awesome games. To think that even better games are coming out, makes it even more worthwhile.
raymantalk1  +   1354d ago
i dont agree with you about the 3DS having more worthwhile games than the vita you can count the worthwhile games on the 3DS on one hand and it has been out over a year the vita has been out a couple of months and you can count the worthwhile games on 2 hands and there is allot more games coming in the future for the vita whereas the 3DS is only getting ds ports and the 3D gimmick has gone away so no the 3DS is not outpacing the vita i only know a few people who have bought a 3DS but i know loads who have bought vita's only thing keeping the vita from selling well is the price compared to the 3DS and dont forget the 3DS was £250 when it first came out, it did not sell as well as nintendo expect hence the price drop now nintendo has to make sure if the vita lowers its price they will have keep the price difference so that the sales wont drop as the library of games wont of expanded that much as nintendo does not release new exclusives that often unless you count pokimon white black blue red green orange gold yellow ect ect ect how many times do you wanna pay for the same game with a diffent colour and layout.

dont get me wrong i love nintendo games but you got to admit they tend to push the same franchises over and over again i for one would like something brand new from time to time which is why i prefer sony consoles.
izumo_lee  +   1356d ago
Just like with the PS3 Sony has a long term gameplan with the Vita. I know it is difficult for a lot of people to understand that. They had a plan with the PSP but due to the rampant piracy of the system they abandoned it to cut their losses.

There has to be many features & functions that the Vita will get eventually that Sony are working on. It is not like they are gonna announce everything for the system right away. The remote-play function needs developer support to get working, the PS Suite program just began a few weeks ago, & who knows what else Sony has planned.

I agree that people lack patience nowadays & are wanting of things right away. I believe the Vita will be a successful device that only needs new software. Not a price cut or desperate attempts just to kick start sales. Sony is in a marathon with the Vita not a quick sprint like with the other device.
neutralgamer19  +   1356d ago
Wipeout, uncharted, the great unit13, the superior marvel vs capcom on handhelds, rayman, the blob, mlb the shw 12, rc racing amongst other good titles all say hello. They also say second chance? We dont need to give a second chance the first wad well worth it.

On another note cant wait for my Res. Burning Skys and Graviry rush in tge next few weeks.
TheSanchezDavid  +   1356d ago
It's hilarious that I'm saying people should give the Vita a chance despite its setbacks, yet many of you are vilifying me as some "journalist" (I call myself a games writer, not a journalist) who's out to slander the Vita. I think people should support the system, and yes, for many individuals, they should give it a second chance, because the people I'm talking about are those gamers who have written off the handheld entirely.
Ducky  +   1355d ago
Most people will only read the title and the article summary.
The 'second chance' bit in the title implies that some people might have given Vita a first chance and didn't insta-like it, so it is met with hostility because it doesn't paint the Vita in a positive light.
The 'questionable decisions' bit in the summary implies that Sony isn't doing everything right, so again you get hostility.

Change the title to something like "Why the future is bright for Vita" and you'll get praised.
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TheSanchezDavid  +   1355d ago
Thank you for being quite possibly one of, like, five people on this site who isn't ridiculously aggressive, and actually stating a point in an educated, non-hostile manner. Funnily enough, if I was to write an article titled "Why the future is bright for the 3DS", I'd probably get hate for "being a Nintendo fanboy."
Skateboard  +   1355d ago
Getting Resistance next week.
Pixel_Enemy  +   1355d ago
I know! I can't wait. My pre order is paid in full and waiting till the day I get to pick it up.
Skateboard  +   1355d ago
I will send you my ID when I have it.
Pixel_Enemy  +   1354d ago
DivineAssault  +   1355d ago
funny how people think sony is going to let vita drop a few shooters n ports & thats all folks! lol not happening.. ps vita is still an infant & the real games havent even been shown just yet. From this month foward, sony will release at least 1 good game monthly to build its library.. 3DS is only selling because it has put out STRONG 1st party games.. That can be good or bad because its peaking & when do 2 mario karts EVER come out on 1 console? 3ds struggles getting games like rayman origins running which proves its weaker than wii.. Vita hasnt even began its run & it will release games and features that 3ds could never do..
DXDA  +   1355d ago
patiently waiting but not rushing into conclusions. I'm a gamer so I can wait for games to pop out. It just takes time.

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