Five reasons to give the PS Vita a second chance

GameZone writes: "Despite questionable decisions by Sony, there are a few reasons why you shouldn't give up on the Vita just yet."

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falcon2622401d ago

I feel people lack a basic quality now a days. PATIENCE. If you decide to be an early adopter realize YOU will have to wait for a substantial library to be built and supported by the community. To write a system off 3 months after its US debut is absurd.

Hicken2401d ago

It's part of the new culture of gaming, sadly. It goes hand-in-hand with the current practice of beating a game within a week and trading it in.

da_2pacalypse2401d ago

This is why we need a dark souls type of game/ skyrim port where I can sink more than 200 hours into! Imagine that :|

The games on the PSP are unfortunately a bit shallow. I'm really craving some RPG's on the vita. Even better... Steam support :|

one2thr2401d ago

^^^^Well thats a fact, and people tend to forget that every gaming console had/has eventually went through this same exact phase... Kudos falcon

Myst2401d ago

Hicken hit it right on the head as well as you. Lack of it is what is driving people away. Heck even though the selection isn't that big I took some leap of faiths on some games like Hotshots golf. While I haven't played any of the ones before I decided to get it. Also Disgaea 3 that game will surely hold anyone over until more games come out :p

miyamoto2401d ago

This my man is how rotten gaming journalism & western gamers has become in America.

Sales figures give them more fun thant the games themselves.

All the American media sensationalism about sales figures that the NPD, VGChartz & particularly sales fanboys are so obsessed with has screwed up many gamer's mind.

I don't remember this sensationalism and obsession on sales figures from the NES days to the PS2 hey days.
The Japanese companies & the gamers in general don't give spit about sales back then.

Ducky2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Gee, thanks for the generalization.

Let's ignore the fact that it's an american site that is trying to encourage people to get a Vita.

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kreate2401d ago

Second chance?

arent we still on the first chance?

DJLB21152401d ago

anyone who hates on the vita must not have one. No one who had a vita would drag it thru the mud like that, its too expensive lol

Gen0ne2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Jesus, is this where we're at? Giving the poor thing a second chance? Hey man, the 3DS SUCKED in it's few opening months, then took off like a shot. Here's hoping the Vita ( still hate the name ) does the same. Although, historically speaking, chances are it'll never surpass Nintendo's handheld. Only compliment it as a higher powered alternative. Minus the 3D. Which I find odd, considering that 3D is Sony tech.

Edit: I'm actually rooting for Sony to rally here. Financially, they're getting their asses kicked right now. I'd like a little help to come their way. Also, I LOVE my 3DS! When Vita delivers the games, I'll deliver the loot.

smashcrashbash2401d ago

I agree. I didn't know we where already in the second chance zone yet. VITA hasn't even been out a year yet and we are already taking second chance?

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