New Details and Gameplay video for The Bourne Conspiracy

X-PLAY got to interview, Rory Mcguire lead game designer for The Bourne Conspiracy.

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Alcohog3689d ago

Can we ban "news" from G4 from the site?

Rice3689d ago

Isnt that olivia munn girl part of G4, YOU want to ban her... no way hose.

mighty_douche3688d ago

Might interest fans of the Book/Movies....

But id rather sh!t out a sack of razor blades.

Matt Damoooooooooooooon....

bumnut3688d ago

it looks ok, but it looks like it uses the same game engine as kane & lynch.

i hope its better than that

Salvadore3688d ago

That's what I also thought.

Dark_Vendetta3688d ago

Looks like you'll always have to do the same. Simply punch every enemy