Some Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut Characters Revealed

Mass Effect 3's anticipated Extended Cut DLC is on its way. While nobody knows exactly what the DLC will consist of, several voice actors have confirmed that their characters will make an appearance. Who are they? Dean from has the scoop.

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maddfoxx2159d ago

Im, just going to buy this game when they re release it with all of the DLC.

jamesensor2159d ago

That's a good way of evaluating a game.

maddfoxx2157d ago

Dont understand the disagrees. I love the mass effect series. I would like to enjoy all of the DLC, but I dont have all the extra money to buy them. Hell, I dont even have the money to buy the actual game so I have no choice but to wait.

Lucreto2159d ago

I am looking forward to play it.

I wonder how the extending ending will effect the series.

VanguardOfCalamity2159d ago

I like the quote of

"What will we be getting with Bioware’s explanation, further proof for the Indoc theory? More explanation on how space magic works?"

space magic!? XD

FlashBack2159d ago

You can add Ashley, if Kaidan is in ,Ashley is in too

n2h842159d ago

Extended Cut Characters, which mean EA cut these characters from the original released :<

jakethesnake2159d ago

Might want to actually read the incredibly short article before making a foolish comment like that.

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