New screens and open beta details revealed for Phantasy Star Online 2

Sega Japan has revealed several new screenshots, in addition to some open beta details, for their upcoming multiplatform free-to-play game, Phantasy Star Online 2.

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ringojelly2369d ago

ah man, this looks too good

himdeel2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

I remember playing this on Dreamcast and cannot wait to jump back in on the Vita. I'm just wanting an exact stateside release date. Sometime in 2013 :(

fei-hung2369d ago

Same here. I 1st played PSO on the Dreamcast and fell in love with it. This game will be perfect for Vita, especially when doing quests together.

I hope I get to finish it this time. Last time I got stuck playing as a hunter against the giant worm boss as you ride the raft :s

himdeel2369d ago

I remember that and did clear that level several times. It was a pain but it was awesome!! II forget the names of the creatures that traveled with you that buffed your character but It was so cool all the variety they had and the special characters.

lodossrage2368d ago

lol Those "creatures" were call Mags :)

supraking9512369d ago

oh look another Vita game! Vita will own E3

DivineAssault 2368d ago

This game looks really good & im not into fantasy star very much.. if it scores well, ima buy it.. No hating but the 3ds simply cannot make handheld games like this.. Its limited hardware is aging quickly and i hope to receive something comparable in terms of graphics & quality. Vita is beginning its onslaught of GREAT handheld exclusives that simply arent possible anywhere else & thats exactly what it needs.. Not ports of console games.. Come on Soul Sacrifice!