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In recent times, it seems that Sony goes hand in hand with projects quite extraordinary, eccentric and rather reserved for refined palates. Datura and Journey are the first that come to mind, but also PixelJunk 4am is quite ... unique. The merit of this efflorescence of original titles can be attributed to an intelligent policy development and "cultivation" of ideas put up by Sony in recent years. In essence, when out of a small group of developers an intriguing idea, Sony provides them with technical and financial support, allowing their ideas to become reality in a window (the one offered by the PlayStation) in their much broader possibilities. Thus was born The Unfinished Swan, while the birth of this project has also created a real development team, set up under the name Giant Sparrow. In short, the question Californians like feathered, this seems obvious.

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rdgneoz32372d ago

The idea of the gameplay involved sounds interesting. And the trailer for it looks good. Hopefully it turns out well for them. Also, glad to see Sony helping the little devs make their ideas become reality.

VGNetwork2372d ago

Good point, especially because these VGs are, often, very interesting. And sometimes even awesome.