New Soul Calibur V screens showcase more character creation DLC items

Several new screenshots, featuring more character creation DLC items (boxer, skeleton, swimsuit and jogging attire) have been revealed for Soul Calibur V.

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Jag-T10002368d ago

What they need to add is a story mode and endings in arcade mode. Don't know why they left that out.

Lucretia2368d ago

project soul asked namco to give them 6 more months to finish the game, Namco said "lmao!!! your lucky your even getting to make this NO!!!!!!"

Saishi said that the game only has 25% of the written story they have, and they even have other cutscenes that are done and voiced. he says he wants to finish it and release it for the players

D3mons0ul2368d ago

The hairstyles in this pack suck. Who really wanted a mullet and a crew cut?