Diablo III Review - Was Worth 12 Years of Hell | Wired

Wired writes: "Diablo III somehow manages to make 12 years seem worth the wait. As someone who played and loved the first two games, I’m not at all disappointed."

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kostchtchie_2372d ago

were is all the points lost for

serious LAG issue
Server disconnection Issues
Character items + gold being lost issue
blizzard telling people that lost all items on account that they will roll back there character 1 Day?? 1 DAY? seriously wtf
people talking about blizzards servers being hacked and accounts compromised even with having there authenticators

but yeah you go ahead and give this World of Warcraft / starcraft 2 9/10.. call yourself review journalist you make me laugh, you don't give high scores to broken games with serious issues

MWH2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

i hear you. i'm extremly furious about loot-loss and diconnection issues! i mean wtf now, i can't play my game unless blizzard allows me to?!

what a great disappointment this is man.. what a bad deal it was.

kostchtchie_2372d ago

don't get me wrong mate, the game looks great, and the gameplay goes with it, but for me there is nothing that will keep me playing for 9 years like diablo 2 did

and i feel your pain mate, to many people are getting this issue, along with the buying items of the auction house, and them not showing up on there account, i mean wtf? blizzard really get there finger out

Halochampian2372d ago

A game shouldnt have to keep you playing 9 years to warrant a score of a great game.

It's a great game and I havent experienced any problems. Some slight lag when I was playing coop but that happens from time to time.

Sure the choices are questionable and people arent going to like all of them but I understand why they made those decisions and I cant hold that against them completely.

The reviewers aren't reviewing it based off other peoples' experiences. They are reviewing if off their own. If they didn't encounter any of those problems, they aren't going to review the game as if they did.

Halochampian2372d ago

I'm not a game journalist but I'm a gamer and I give the game a 9/10 as well. Game has just been amazing and I put so many hours into it last week.

Havent been this addicted to a game in a LONG time.

MWH2372d ago

no body questioned the quality of the game, it's a great sequel by all means but Blizzard dicisions to make this a complete online experience is catastrophic.

the thing is, the game will sell good and perhaps then blizzard will not back off with this kind of dicisions in their future games.

it's unfortunate also for those who don't have internet or bad connections at their homes, i'm one of them, i can only play at work and that's just added salt to injury.

Halochampian2372d ago

I understand how that would suck for you but this is a chance they had to take for quality control. They cant have people ruining the experience for everyone now that there is a profit to be made.

But I do agree that a totally offline version should be sold that has no online in it at all. So people who just want a single player experience can enjoy that and the people who want to enjoy online without hackers can do so.