Closing GTA V Release Date With Take Two’s Financial Year 2013

Techtorial: With Take Two's Financial Year 2013, we can discern the actual release of Grand Theft Auto V if it'll arrive this year or will be pushed until 2013 as argued by some analysts.

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Double_Oh_Snap2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

I'm not getting my hopes up, but I would love to be surprised. Surprise me R* drop GTA V this year please.

TheModernKamikaze2397d ago

I would grab the most specialest edition if they really can release it this year. That would be most impressive.

DeadIIIRed2397d ago

If they are expecting stock price to go up in FY 2013 that doesn't automatically mean they'll release GTA in 2012. FY 2013 ends in May 2013 and the anticipation of the game would be what drives the price up. I hope to God I'm wrong though, I can't wait